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06 October 2010 @ 09:44 am
Dear Twins:

Okay Boys, this is it!!! Sure it's been a rough couple of weeks, but it's time to put that behind you and to start kicking some serious baseball butt! (remember 1987? You can do it!!!) You've got home field advantage for the ADLS in the brand-spankin' new Target Field-lets make some magic happen!! You know I love you and just want to thank you for the exciting ride this year (but I wouldn't mind extending that ride a little longer, say, until November? :)) xoxo, Romana.

P.S. WIN TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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30 September 2010 @ 05:29 pm
Here are a couple of book reviews I did fairly recently on Goodreads:

We're Gonna Win, Twins!We're Gonna Win, Twins! by Doug Grow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book-it was great to learn more about the history of my home team, and to relieve the childhood memories of our first World Series win. Doug Grow did a excellent job-while reading about the first World Series win in 1987, I actually got shivers down my spin and couldn't help but feel excited all over again. And I have to admit, re-reading about the death of Twins announcer Herb Carneal the day before Opening Day back in 2007 brought tears to my eyes. I actually found a copy of this book in the Cleveland Public Library, but I will definitely have to add this to my personal collection at home!

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The Cain Saga, Volume 1: JulietThe Cain Saga, Volume 1: Juliet by Kaori Yuki

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I started reading Kaori Yuki's Godchild series first, and decided before I finished it off (I still need to read volume 8) I would give her prequel a try. Not too bad-the 2 extra shorts that were in this volume(that seem to have nothing to do with the Cain story) were a little distracting but not too bad. I will be reading the next volume of the series. :)

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30 September 2010 @ 05:20 pm
Ah, the last day of September! Fall is here, and I'm very excited about Halloween! :) This weekend I think I will put up my yard decorations. I already have some regular fall decos out around the house, including new candles from Glade..mmm...I love the new scents! (too bad they are limited edition). ;)

Decorating won't be the only thing I'm doing this weekend. Saturday I'll be participating in the NAMI Walk with Brigie. Check out our team page! Brigie works for Recovery Resources here in the Cleveland area. I'm looking forward to the walk-I'll be sure to take pictures (although whether they make it to the blog is a different story! ;) )

Sunday is the Peruvian procession for Italian Band, which will be our last official gig of the year. I think this is the first time in a while that I've been able to make every gig! (usually I'm away during the 4th, so I miss the 4th of July parade. This year I took my vacation later, and made sure to schedule it around Mt. Carmel. ;))

Today we had an open house at the library-Stephanie and I were at the front door, answering questions and directing traffic. We had alot of fun. We had alot of cool giveaways (tote bags, water bottles, etc), but we were surprised at the number of people who wanted a free t-shirt! (we had t-shirts especially for the event) It was also cool to hear students and professors walk by and say, 'wow, I didn't know they had that here'. We also noticed that some would stop by, see what was going on, and call their friends and tell them to come too. :)

Before I sign off, I'm going to do another post for some book reviews. I joined Goodreads earlier this year, and when you write a review, you have the option to cut and paste your review into your blog-I think I will try that-it will save time retyping! ;)
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03 September 2010 @ 04:54 pm
It's time for St. Rocco's festival! Normally I would have a post about how excited I am for another Italian Band gig (and how excited I am for the zeppoli! I waited all summer!) but I've been busy setting up a blog for the Italian Band. :) We'll be at St. Rocco's Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon for the procession, and Sunday evening again.

Stop by to here us play and have some Zeppoli!!

Oh! Here's a link to the post I created for the Italian band site:
St. Rocco's

Everyone have a fun and safe holiday weekend!!
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12 August 2010 @ 04:24 pm
Well, phooey-nothing in July. That makes it the second month when I didn't post anything at all. Not even a short note to let you know I still have every intention of blogging again. Hmmm...maybe I should consider mobile updates for brief messages. I have a Twitter account for something like that, but not everyone uses Twitter. The only thing is it will only update this blog and not my LiveJournal or MySpace blogs. Oh, well.

Tonight is the first night of the Feast of the Assumption! We will be doing our standard around the neighborhood for the first couple of hours, with a sit down sometime after 8pm. Dunno if I'll have the chance to update during the Feast, but you never know-I might try. ;) If you are on Twitter, you can follow me there-as I'm sure I'll update it at least a couple of times this weekend. ;)

From last year:

Yeah, I know-not many pictures. That's ok-the Italian Band has a, wait for it... Facebook page!! It's set up so you can browse our photos without logging into Facebook. I'm hoping to eventually create a fan page... If you are on Facebook, check us out! Even if you're not-you can still look at our public posts. :)

Another exciting even happening tonight-the Perseids!!! Check out Sky and Telescope. I was able to see 70+ meteors from my backyard last year. Hopefully I'll be able to spot some tonight as well. :)
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30 June 2010 @ 03:30 pm
Well, I thought for sure I would post more in the month of June, but it just didn't happen. I caught a bad cold at the beginning of the month, which caused a double ear infection (yuck!), and I'm still not 100%. Blah!

It's weird still being here-usually by this time I'm in Minnesota visiting my family for the Fourth of July. I'm still going up there this summer-just later in July (after Mount Carmel!) Since I'm here, I'll be able to play in the parade at Shore Acres-I played there the first year I was in Italian Band, but ever since then I've always been in Minnesota. Wait, now that I think about it, I might have played there the first two years I was in Italian band...that still makes it 11 years since I've played that gig! ;)

I've got quite the container garden on my back porch-I've had quite a few successes, a couple of disappointments, a surprise, and one puzzle: I have no idea what's wrong with my marigolds this year-half of them are thriving right out of the window box, the other half seem to be thinning out. I turned the box around so the thinner side would get more sunlight, and have cut away the dead buds/leaves to encourage new growth, so we'll see how it holds up. *keeping fingers crossed* Indoor plant wise-I finally re-potted my jade plants! Most of my jade had died off, but I had several little pieces that I kept in water-they lived like this for a couple of years! So far they are doing well. Speaking of re-potting-I had to re-pot my African violets!!! These were ones I got at Jerm and Allison's wedding shower last July. I left them in their original pot and kept watering them after the original blooms had fallen off. Then, just before Easter, I noticed new blooms!!! That's a first for me!!! Those blooms fell off back in May, BUT-they are blooming again!!!! I noticed new buds a couple of weeks ago-unfortunately, the leaves were starting to look yellow (and the plant looked a little crowded), so I re-potted them-they are blooming again and the leaves are starting to look greener. :) I've also started feeding all my plants (indoors and out) on a regular basis (something I hadn't done in a while...)

Well, my afternoon break is just about up. So I'll leave you with this video, which incorporates two of my most favorite things: Orbital and Doctor Who!!

Epic. Win.
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27 May 2010 @ 12:57 pm
Whoa! It's the end of May! I haven't had much time to post since I switched my blog, and so much has gone on!

I still need to write up the rest of the events at Relay-I also need to get on the ball and post some pictures! (I haven't even uploaded any to flickr or facebook yet.)

Summer is just around the corner! My summer lights are up! Also, I've planted new flowers! I have more this year-I added another hanging basket-filled with purple petunias, dusty miller, and some English ivy. In my original hanging basket, I planted the extra petunias (the extra dusty miller went into a regular pot on the table on my porch) This year I decided to have marigolds in the flower box (last year I had marigolds and white petunias). I have yellow, orange and French (orange and red) marigolds. I also purchased a geranium, to add a touch of pink to my porch.

Speaking of pink, my Asian lillies have come back! Last year I just cut down the old plant and left it on my porch. Earlier this spring, I noticed several new shoots starting to pop up! I repotted the plant, and now some of them have buds!! They will probably be a little smaller than the ones I had last year, but that's okay by me! :)

This year I decided to start some seeds. I had some leftover miniature sunflower seeds that I planted, along with some cucumber seeds that I purchased a couple weeks ago. I also wanted to try to start the pumpkin seeds I had dried from my pumpkin last October. I started them using potting mix and egg cartons (the papery-pulp kind, not the styrofoam kind). Since I've never had that much luck with seeds, I didn't expect them to sprout-but they did!!! Even the pumpkin seeds!!! I have seedlings now!!! Unfortunately, I don't have enough room to plant them all. :( Fortunately, I know some people who are willing to 'adopt' my little plants, once they've matured enough to be replanted. Even the pumpkins! :) I've been taking pictures documenting all of my container gardening exploits-maybe someday I'll remember to post them along with the pictures for Relay. I still haven't given up on my quest to grow a tomato plant. Even though it is getting a little late, I may try to see if the garden center up the street from me still have some plants.

Marcon is this weekend! I'm working the video room again. I volunteered to take the Friday night/Saturday morning shift again-time to stock up on caffeine!! ;) I'm not sure if I'll be going in costume this year. I will still bring my Doctor Who scarf, and Krismutt's K-9 costume. ;)

Have a fun and safe weekend everybody!!!
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20 April 2010 @ 01:02 pm
Wow, what a Relay! This year was quite a challenge with the weather (well, it is April in Cleveland, after all). First it was rain, then wind, then chilly temperatures, and even a few snow flurries! ;)

All last week the weather had been calling for rain, but by Friday the chances had diminished quite a bit. It was drizzly throughout the day, but had pretty much gone by about 4pm. However, the wind picked up! It took Brian and I nearly an hour to put up our tent. Because of the sprinkler system, we weren't allowed to use stakes in the ground, so that provided to be a real challenge. As Brian retells the tale, I was in the back, holding down the tent while he was trying to set it up in the front. There was this huge gust of wind, and I screamed as it nearly took me out. Brian calls 'Are you okay?' and hears me say 'I'm ok!' in a tiny voice. LOL. Finally, a couple of guys came over and asked if we needed any help. ;)

They did provide sandbags-sort of. The sandbags were these gallon sized bags from Walmart that you could fill up with pool filter sand. Unfortunately, the bags broke easily, so we had to come up with other methods. At one point we had 2 recycle bins and one trash bin in our tent, to hold it down as we found other methods to keep it from blowing over. We ended up with two spare tires and a cooler on the inside, and about 10 "sandbags" around the posts on the outside. We even let the team next to us use our tent to house there stuff so we would have extra weight! ;) (the didn't have a tent) We were lucky than most-by the end of the night most tents had blown away or collapsed. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take a few pics of our initial set up-by the time we checked in, got our tent up and unloaded the van, it was 6pm!

Our team met up in the middle of the field for the opening ceremonies. After CWRU's president, Barbara Snyder, spoke the Survivors did a lap around the track. I was a little sad to see that there wasn't as many this year than last year, but I hope it was because the weather turned some people off. After the survivor lap, it was time for the team lap. Brian, Perseph, Ron, Mark and I were there for the team lap. I had made everyone in our team headbands, and I was thrilled that everyone wore them-even the guys! :) We had a different sign this year-I think it may have been a bit longer. All I know is that the wind made it feel like it was going to whip us away at any second! ;) We did two laps as a team (go KSL! ;)) Afterwards, Perseph and I did about 4 more laps before breaking for dinner.

Yikes, that's all I have time for today. More updates coming soon! And hopefully I'll have pictures! (by the way- thank you, Jess, for taking a picture of our team holding the banner!)
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16 April 2010 @ 04:04 pm
Rain or shine, this weekend, I'll be at CWRU's Relay for Life! I'll be updating my twitter page (which also updates my facebook page) from time to time throughout the night and hopefully I'll be taking lots of pictures. Relay runs from 6pm until noon tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for dry weather! ;)
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12 April 2010 @ 04:43 pm
Shhh...what's that I hear? Why, it's the sound of outdoor baseball returning to Minnesota!!!!

Go, Twins!!!
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